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Matching Color Temp to Practicals

Published on
June 23, 2023

The star of South Korean film Da Capo finds himself frustrated by the creative compromises involved in composing music for commercials.  Reconnecting with a former bandmate reminds him that music is not just a fantasy to sell to others, but also an element of daily life.  A one-minute trailer is available to watch online.

In order to create cinematic lighting that convincingly captures the mood of the lighting we experience in day to day life, Kino Flo LED soft light systems provide the ability to quickly and accurately dial in the correct color, whether it’s matching a piano lamp practical or a color gel used in a previous day’s work. 

Director of Photography ByongHoon Jo explains his use of Kino Flo to achieve a cozy mix of the warmth of a piano lamp and soft pink added to the natural light bathing this studio scene:

“We used one Celeb 850 and two Celeb 450s outside the window, on X,Y mode to match a Moroccan Pink gel we used on another day.  Inside we had two FreeStyles matching the color temperature of the practicals, which I think matched really well with the lamp on the piano.”

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