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Kino Flo excels in developing solutions for a wide variety of applications that span the breadth of professional and artistic projects. These include; Film / TV, Broadcast, Video Production, Photography, XR / VR and Blue / Green Screen. Our decades of innovation, coupled with a world wide dealer distribution network, enable us to offer unparalleled solutions to customers big and small.





“Since 1995 I’ve been working with legacy Kino Flo lighting as a director of photography and as a television lighting director, for location and studios. I have been using them ever since in the U.S. and around the globe”

Bill Holshevnikoff


I have grown up with Kino Flo’s over the twenty-five years I’ve been shooting. They are used on some of the films that have influenced me the most, they’ve always been part of my approach. For me, it’s the soft light that has given me the most joy, it feels like I’m painting with a fine brush and a more accurate pigment.”

Ian Murray


“Kinos are the perfect tools for what I do. I love how the T44 gives me countless options as a big single soft source with the Flozier in front, or by using the Tubes remotely with a single reflector and a Honeycomb grid to create very sharp modeling light. It’s like having several light sets in one package that let you create many different set-ups and looks.”

Ralph Man