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Production is a Drag Race

Published on
June 23, 2023

Big Easy Queens is a campy romp of a movie that tells the story of archrivals Miss Bouvèé and Poodles Makenzie fighting for turf supremacy in New Orleans.  Budgets are always tight and time is a precious commodity when shooting independent film, and especially so for a glam horror project like this one, with its big set pieces and colorful sequences. 

We check in with director Erynn Dalton and cinematographer Laszlo Thomas Nador for their thoughts on the ways Kino Flo gear saved time creating big shots and capturing big performances with fast lighting setups.

Lightweight. Fast to set up. And ready to be dialed in.

“It was incredible what we did with a small crew.  It is such a difference when you set a light and you don’t have to run for a gel, or you don’t have to run for a diffusion, or you don’t have to go tweak. The versatility of these beautiful Kino Flo Celebs allows us the opportunity to just dial it in.”

–Laszlo Thomas Nador, cinematographer

Saving on color correction whether filming sequins, machine guns or drag queens. 

“The speed of setup was a big consideration. We shot this in ten days. If we didn’t have the speedy setups that we did with Kino Flo, we wouldn’t have been able to do it in that amount of time.  And, the raw footage, because of these lights, looks amazing, and it’s gonna save us a lot on color correction.”

–Erynn Dalton, director

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