June 23, 2023

Production is a Drag Race

Big Easy Queens is a campy romp of a movie that tells the story of archrivals Miss Bouvèé and Poodles Makenzie fighting for turf supremacy in New Orleans.  Budgets are always tight and time is a precious commodity when shooting independent film, and especially so for a glam h…
June 23, 2023

Matching Color Temp to Practicals

The star of South Korean film Da Capo finds himself frustrated by the creative compromises involved in composing music for commercials.  Reconnecting with a former bandmate reminds him that music is not just a fantasy to sell to others, but also an element of daily life.  A one-minute …
June 23, 2023

Color is Not a Game of Chance

Sun Bingo is one of the UK’s best-known Bingo brands, with millions of players every month.  ‘Are You Gonna Bingo?’ is a one-minute TV commercial that leans into that popularity with a lighthearted game of phone tag, and is available to watch online Director of Photography Ian …


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