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Image L80 LED

The Image L80 LED story begins in 1995 when visual effects cinematographer Mark Weingartner ASC, working on a 200ft/60M greenscreen stage for Under Siege II, Dark Territory, asked Kino Flo Lighting Systems to design an energy efficient, high output panel array capable of hitting the maximum lux points without sacrificing soft, super-green color density essential for traveling matte photography.

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Image L80 LED DMX Yoke Mount Kit, Univ KIT-IML80U

1 Image L80 LED DMX Yoke (IMG-L80U)
1 Jr. Pin (MTP-I80)
1 Ship Case (KAS-I80-1)

58 x 9.5 x 36.5” (147.5 x 24 x 93cm)

75.5 lb (34.5kg)


The Kino Flo Image Series was born! The light changed the way Hollywood has made movies ever since. Years of advanced chemistry and software design research have served as the foundation for a new generation of Kino Flo Lighting’s Image L80 LED fixtures, endowed with superior high color rendering white light and boasting a full hue and saturation gamut, including the company’s own supergreen and superblue visual effects colors.

The versatile Image L80’s come with yoke mount options for studio grid installations and variable beam pitch control to ensure an even flow of illumination from the top of a cyc wall (as high as 60 feet/20 meters) all the way out to stage forward. The down-facing panels are as bright as tungsten spacelights, and the True Match® firmware ensures more dynamic light control than other LED spacelights. Kino Flo Lighting’s Image L80 photometrics and control specifications are available online for download into pre-visual studio design programs and professional lighting console profiles.

Image L80 LED Features

  • Color Rendering TLCI >96, CRI >96, TM-30-18 Rf=95, Rg=103
  • Kelvin presets
  • Dial-in color temperature control between 2500K-9900K
  • Green/Magenta Control
  • Hue angle and Saturation adjustments
  • Kino Flo presets and Gels
  • RGB Control
  • CIE xy
  • FX Control
  • Camera Profiles LUTs
  • Color Space
  • Works with Apps with predetermined RGB presets or color wheels
  • Can use preset buttons to store custom Kelvin settings
  • Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings
  • No color shift while dimming
  • Universal input 100VAC-240VAC
  • Energy efficient, draws 4A, 120VAC
  • Flicker-free, quiet operation
  • Yoke Mt Dims: 54 x 6.5 x 28” (137 x 16.5 x 71cm)
  • Yoke Mt Weight: 41.5 (19kg)
  • Pole-Op Dims: 54.5 x 6.5 x 28” (138.5 x 16.5 x 71cm)
  • Pole-Op Weight: 45.5 (21kg)

Image L80 LED Design

  • Full range onboard and DMX dimming
  • DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio®)
  • DMX Auto Terminate
  • Metal Alloy fixture includes removable Gel Frame, Louver and cardholders
  • Slim profile
  • Mounts to stand or can hang easily from a grid
  • Traditional Yoke Mount with two position setting, Pole-Op

Image L80 LED Lighting Control

The firmware is updatable from a PC using the Mini B USB data port.


Image L80 LED DMX Yoke

Image L80 LED DMX Yoke Mount, Univ
Image L80 Gel Frame (Included)
Image L80 Louver/Silver (Included)

Image L80 LED DMX Pole-Op


Image L80 LED DMX Pole-Op, Univ


Image L80 Gel Frame (Included)


Image L80 Louver/Silver (Included)



Image L80 SnapBag w/ 2 x Diffusion


Image L80 SnapGrid 40°


Image L80 Bloomer


Image L80 Dome w/ Skirt


Image L80 Barndoors (Set of 4)


Junior Pin Assembly for Yoke (28mm)


Image L80 Pole-Op Assembly


Image L80 Ship Case


Image L80 Ship Case (4)


Image L80 LED DMX Fixture

Gel Frame

Silver Louver *

*To eliminate multiple shadows, the Silver Louver should only be used in combination with white diffusion.

CardHolder (x4)


    Quick Start Guide
    Operational Manual
    True Match® Firmware 5.0 (RDM)
    True Match® Firmware 5.0 DMX Personalities