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Kino Flo® Lighting Systems’ True Match® FreeStyle LED tubes are specially designed for operation in FreeStyle T44/T24, T42/T22, T41/T21 fixtures for film production or stage design lighting. The FreeStyle LED tubes work with FreeStyle LED Controllers (LED-120X, LED-140X, and LED-152X) and display Kino Flo’s True Match white light and RGBWW color management system found in Kino Flo’s LED lighting fixtures. The tubes are 4ft (1.2m) & 2ft (0.6m). On camera, FreeStyle LED tubes photograph with the same softness, the same subtle color reproduction as Kino Flo’s award-winning T12 high-output lamps. In addition to high color rendering, cinematographers will see the difference the 310° LED tube makes when operated in a fixture or out of the fixture as a remote “sabre” of light. Paired with the FreeStyle fixture and light intensifying reflector, the tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1000W tungsten softlight.

FreeStyle 4ft LED Tube

Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)
Length: 48” (1200mm)
Diameter (Socket Base): 1.5” (38mm)
Diameter (Including Rail): 1.75” (44.5mm)

FreeStyle 2ft LED Tube

Weight: 0.5 lb (0.2kg)
Length: 24” (600mm)
Diameter (Socket Base): 1.5” (38mm)
Diameter (Including Rail): 1.75” (44.5mm)

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